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Daisy's Treats - Paperback edition.
Finding the Courage to Love Unconditionally

52 Weeks of Wisdom from a Dog's Perspective
By Debbie Leoni

Daisy is a lovable dog who helps you to tap into your intuitive self and apply the wisdom of nature available to you in every moment. In this delightfully whimsical, yet enlightening guide, you will hear the secrets to giving and receiving unconditional love from the most legitimate source, a dog! Daisy will teach you what matters most and how to live your life from a place of love, acceptance, gratitude, and peace, which are the treats she shares in each weekly lesson. Master Coach Debbie Leoni shows you how to apply Daisy's wisdom with easy, practical exercises and coaching tips for all areas of your life so you can reclaim your most unconditional self.
Daisy's Treats -Paperback
    Daisy's Treats -Paperback
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      Daisy's Treats -Paperback

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