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Dog and cat computer We've been working hard! New Items!!! We have some new items! We just added Freeze-Dried and Air-Dried Chilean Blue Mussels, high in Omega 3's See what's new! Foods with a boost! Boosters! Our already great air-dried foods with an added boost, New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels in our Joint Support range and Wild-Caught USA Salmon in our Skin & Coat range. Shop Now Ahoy Mateys! Mussels & Skins! Freeze-Dried, Blue Shell Mussels label image New Freeze-Dried Mussels Chilean Blue Shell Mussels, Freeze -Dried to make a soft tasty natural treat high in Omega 3's Buy Now!!! Air-Dried & Freeze-Dried Salmon Treats New Air-Dried & Freeze-Dried Wild-Caught Salmon Treats Buy Now!!! Air-Dried, Blue Shell Mussels label image. New Air-Dried Mussels Chilean Blue Shell Mussels, Air-Dried to make a hard, crunchy, natural treat high in Oeega 3's! Buy Now!!! Snapper Skins! Dried Crunchy, Chewy, Tasty and Messy! An outdoor treat dogs love! Buy Now! Dog with food bowl What makes a good pet food? Quality In The Bowl! At Real Meat we put quality ingredients as our first priority! Shop Foods Now Dog and cat with calculator, credit card and money Affordable! Money In Your Pocket! Good food & treats are only as good as you can afford! Quality first with affordability close behind! Learn more on how we do it in the About Us section. Dog holding plain white bag in mouth New From Real Meat Plain White Bag What is Plain White Bag? It is a collection of discounted products, end cuts, scraps, test batches, OOPS! and products we find at reduced prices! We pack in a simple plain white bag with simple black and white label and sell at a discount! Plain White Bag items are sold CHEAP! and therefore do not earn points and are not returnable for satisfaction claims. These items are also great for donating to shelters and rescues to make those donation dollars stretch and reach more pets in need! Shop Treats Now Comic, Everybody needs a good laugh! Well, except cats, they are not easily amused. Visit our LOL page for some pet related levity! Cat says, Not amused, dog says Talking dogs, laughing cats, it could happen, NOT! Dog holding ear to listen, Did you say discounts? Check out and take advantage of our monthly deals and bonus buys! Click for special deals.

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