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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeding Guide

Scroll to bottom of page for feeding guide for our Real Meat Foods, foods range from 100-130 kcal/oz, for specific calories on each food view item details by clicking "Foods" link above.

Difference between treats and foods?

Our foods are designed to be a little softer than the treats and therefore some crumbling in the packaging will occur, dogs and cats do not always chew completely so it is important that the foods are easy to digest. The treats will be a little denser and richer and are designed to be a little less crumbly and fed in smaller amounts. You can always use the food as treats just be aware it may tend to crumble in the treat pouch. Additionally, our foods are complete and balanced to meet AAFCO nutrient profile for nutrition, treats do not contain the vitamins and minerals, however the calories do count! So, remember to adjust your pets caloric intake to account for treats.


Our certified Kosher USP Vegetable and Coconut glycerin are NOT a byproduct of biodiesel production, the glycerin is naturally extracted. Our vegetable-based products are ethically and sustainably produced.

What type of fish do we use in the treats?

NZ Mackerel, Hoki or Cod from the deep blue waters of New Zealand and the South Pacific. New Zealand is known for its superb fish management systems and state of the art facilities. Sourced from certified sustainable fish populations.

Oxygen Absorber

They are safe and if eaten and are nontoxic. It is just iron inside; it will pass with maybe a little constipation.

How should I store?

Store in sealed bag or container. Foods will begin to lose flavor after being opened so you will want to use within six months. Keep in a cool dry area and out of sunlight.

What types of meats are used in Real Meat?

All meats used have been passed fit for human consumption, we do not use any rendered, diseased or other substandard meats in our products. Our Beef, Lamb and Venison are Grass-Fed and Free Range and antibiotic free. Our venison and Lamb are from New Zealand and our Beef from New Zealand or USA. Our poultry is sourced mainly from USA from free range antibiotic free farms. All poultry used is human grade.

Cross Contamination

During production of our foods and treats we have a protocols in regards to raw ingredients, separation of species of cooked products is maintained to limit cross contamination.

How do you inhibit bacterial growth in the products?

Prior to cooking all meat is stored and kept frozen during blending until it is placed into the dehydrators. The products are brought up to a time and temperature combination sufficient to eliminate salmonella, e coli, etc. The moisture is reduced to a level where bacterial and microbial growth are prevented before packaging. An oxygen absorber is used in our barrier packaging to keep the product fresh.

Inconsistencies in batches?

You may notice the color or texture has variations from one bag or batch to the next. This occurs because we use all-natural meat and organs, and we do not use artificial fillers, dyes, colors or preservatives. The color and texture of our pet food is largely determined by the meat used in each batch and in this way, it will vary, depending on animals age, season, and other natural factors.

Thank you for asking questions! If your question was not answered please use our contact form and we will respond shortly!

Feeding Guide

The below feeding guide is a suggested starting point based on average needs.

Treats are Treats and are intended for supplemental feeding, however they will contribute to daily caloric intake and should be considered in determining amount to feed.

When mixing or using as a topper remember to adjust feeding to achieve desired daily caloric intake.

Breed, body type and other factors should be considered in determining your pets daily caloric intake.

There are many vet and pet nutrition sites that may be more specific to your pet’s needs, these are only meant to be general guides.

Always monitor your pets’ weight, feed to desired weight and adjust feeding to maintain. Many pets can self-regulate and their daily
intake will vary based on changing conditions, some days your pet may not feel like eating and others they might eat more, this is normal.

If dietary conditions change drastically or extreme weight changes occur seek veterinary care. While we would like to say our food is
appropriate for all pets all the time your pets tastes may change, we offer a variety of flavors to assist in keeping your pets taste buds happy!

A standard heaping measuring cup of Real Meat food only weighs about 4oz of Real Meat Food
Use the guides below to determine approximate amount to feed, always keep fresh clean water available!


kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day
Weight 1lb 2lb 3lb 5lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 15lb 20lb
Kitten 6-12 Weeks 360 335 445 625 705 855 990 1300 1575
Kitten 3-4 Months 120 185 245 345 390 475 550 725 875
Kitten 5-8 Months 90 140 185 260 295 355 415 540 655
Adult Cat 60 95 125 175 195 235 275 360 440
Pregnant Cat 95 155 205 285 325 390 455 595 725
Lactating Cat 140 250 355 550 645 830 1010 1450 1875

kCal/OZ Per Ounce of Real Meat Food
Beef–108 / Chicken-109 / Lamb-117 / Lamb & Fish-105 / Turkey-113 / Turkey & Venison-112 / Venison-105


kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day kCal/Day
Weight 3lb 5lb 8lb 10lb 15lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 70lb 100lb
Puppy to 6-12 Weeks 330 480 685 810 1095 1360 1840 2285 2700 3480 4545
Puppy 3-4 Months 290 425 605 715 970 1200 1630 2020 2390 3075 4020
Puppy 5-7 Months 240 350 500 590 800 995 1345 1670 1975 2540 3320
Puppy 8-12 Months 190 275 395 465 630 785 1065 1320 1560 2005 2620
Less Active Adult Dog 125 185 265 310 420 525 710 880 1040 1340 1750
Adult Dog 145 215 300 355 485 600 815 1010 1195 1540 2010
Active Adult Dog 165 240 340 405 550 680 920 1145 1350 1740 2270
Highly Active Dog 220 325 460 545 735 915 1240 1540 1820 2340 3060
Pregnant Dog 200 255 435 520 725 915 1275 1615 1940 2340 3450
Lactating Dog 360 565 865 1055 1525 1985 2880 3755 4615 6310 8805

kCal/OZ Per Ounce of Real Meat Food
Beef–108 / Chicken-109 / Lamb-117 / Lamb & Fish-105 / Turkey-113 / Turkey & Venison-112 / Venison-105

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