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Algae Oil

Pure Algae Oil*

We add Marine Micro Algae to our foods to help naturally boost the Omega 3's.

Unlike the leading brand of "Algae Oil" which is over 51% Flax Seed Oil, our Algae Oil is pure with only a small amount of mixed tocopherols to stabilize and preserve freshness. We pack in glass bottles to maintain purity of the product!

This Algae Oil has a far superior taste to others and makes a great food topper and a great source of Omega 3's!!!:
DHA + EPA content, mg/g oil: min. 500 mg/g
EPA content, mg/g oil: min. 100 mg/g

Suggested Use:

Add a teaspoon for small dogs & cats to food. Add a tablespoon for larger dogs.

For higher amounts consult a nutritional specialist or vet.

*Mixed Tocopherols are added to maintain freshness.


Marine Micro Algae Oil, Mixed Tocopherols.


Pollutant Free
Contains Essential Omega's

50% EPA & DHA

The only Omega 3 oil to deliver both EPA & DHA Omega 3 in high concentrations. More than twice as much EPA & DHA Omega 3 found in fish oils commonly used in pet food.

Consistent high quality

Cultivated in a 100% controlled and protected environment.

Free from ocean borne contaminants

Cultivated on land, free from the ocean borne contaminants.

100% natural and non-GMO

Sourced from natural (non-GMO) marine algae. Only sugar is added to the
algae, as a source of energy to grow.

Better palatability

Proven to be more palatable than fish oils used in pet food, when tested on dry dog and cat food

Truly sustainable

Fish free, not using any marine resources. Cultivated and refined in a waste free way.

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