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SuperFood Nuggets CAT Treats Turkey 2oz
    SuperFood Nuggets CAT Treats Turkey 2oz
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      SuperFood Nuggets CAT Treats Turkey 2oz

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    Turkey is a highly desired protein found in pet food.
    It’s full of good nutrients and is also highly digestible,
    so it can be used for pets with digestive issues.

    Turkey is low in calories and high in Selenium and Tryptophan
    both of which benefit the immune system. Plus ours is humanely-raised
    in the USA and antibiotic-free. Gobble Gobble!


    Made with Antibiotic-Free,
    USA Humanely-Raised Turkey

    Pets and owners need variety! BOO BOO'S STORY
    Your Boo for Life
    If you're like us, there's nothing you wouldn't do for your pet.
    Even if that means spending years finding the best foods andd treats!
    We know because exactly that's what we did!

    Boo Boo's Best started to create healthy, all-natural foods and treats for our own Boo, and grew
    to share it with yours. We want your journey together to be as long, healthy and fun
    as possible. Because walks, cuddles, purrs and tail wags are what life is all about.

    Your Boo is by your side for every one of life’s adventures. So, we'll be there
    too, giving a healthy boost to all the good boys and good girls. Because life's
    a treat... So grab a bag and let’s get going.

    For Our Boo & Yours

    What do we mean by this? Well, lots of things.
    As I'm sure you already know, those of you who currently have canine and feline companions,
    they are with you for life; they go through everything with you: new love, lost love,
    childhood, new school, new job, sickness, health, rich, poor, old homes, new homes, hikes,
    walks, runs, beach-visits, camping, training, dog sports, and yes, even pandemics.

    They are with you for all of life's adventures, both yours and theirs.

    They also are your Boo for even deeper ways: emotional support dogs for veterans
    with PTSD, emotional support for people with anxiety, depression, panic disorders.
    Children with autism, people with other physical conditions like blindness, deafness,
    epilepsy, diabetes, really the list goes on and on. In these instances, you Boo
    really does give you life, or your life back. They are your true partners.

    Your Boo for life also includes us, Boo Boo's Best. As you may or may not know,
    we are not a big company. In fact "we" are just me, Jocelyn, the owner
    and founder, and Boo Boo, the inspiration for everything! Plus of course some
    amazing contractors! I say this because I want to make sure you know that this
    company is personal to me, it couldn't be more so, and it was born out of
    passion and love. I love my Boo Boo so much I cannot bear it sometimes. There
    are moments when I love him so much, I just want to cry, and that means I want
    him to live the longest and healthiest life possible. And I believe that means
    giving him the healthiest food and treats possible.

    But it's not just my Boo Boo whom I love, I love your Boo Boos as well. Becoming part of
    the pet community has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I love to
    witness the journeys you take with and the love you have for your Boo Boos, and one of the
    biggest honors is being a part of these journeys through our healthy, nourishing, delicious treats.
    We want to be with you for the life of your Boo, and all that that entails.

    XO, Jocelyn

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