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About Us

Puppy Hugging Kitten Get to know us! Real People One of the last truly independent Pet Food Companies

At The Real Meat Company, we know dogs and cats are crazy about meat! We also know that you want to feed your pets great foods and treats. That is why the meat in our products is sourced from free-range farms who humanely raise their animals without antibiotics or added growth hormones, and our fish are wild-caught from the oceans. We pride ourselves on the fact that every morsel is made without artificial preservatives or flavorings and gently prepared without grains or fillers so that you know your pet is getting a great meaty treat or meal! All our products are packed in the USA or New Zealand with meats sourced from the USA, New Zealand and Australia

Simply Great! Since 2003 our 95% meat treats have been a forerunner in the natural pet industry. Many companies today use the term “real meat” but few are the real thing! It’s not only that we use real meat it is the quantity and the quality of the meat we use! Adding only a few all-natural ingredients to deliver a soft and tasty meat jerky that has become a favorite training treat within the natural and holistic arenas and now also available as an air-dried food!

Simply The Best Prices! Family owned, family run and pride in everything we do is the secret! Many companies claim to "love pets" and they might by using high quality ingredients just like we do but, we take it one step further! We know a good product is only good to those that can afford it, we take every step possible to keep our costs down and quality high. How do we accomplish high quality and low prices? First we do not have to rely on excessive marketing to promote our products, word of mouth advertising has done us well! Most brands need to spend heaps of money on marketing, either to promote an inferior product or to obtain "more" , more cash, more market share or whatever they are seeking. We seek only to produce the best products and are happy with what we get in return, as are our customers. In return, they promote us. We can operate on smaller margins as we are 100% family owned. Of course, we hope to make money but that is not our primary focus, our focus is on making good products that make our pets happy.

Why Free Range? The natural environment and free-range grazing creates a balance in the meat that is passed along to your pet. Free-range grass-fed animals are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene and maintain a better ph balance than animals from feed lots. The Perfect Product? Many pet food companies focus on making products look perfect, uniform color, size and shape. This is achieved with unnatural colorings, preservatives and fillers that are easily managed during production and are truly unnatural!

Satisfaction Guaranteed If for any reason you or your pet are not satisfied with our products we will gladly refund or exchange!

The Real Meat Company
2029 Verdugo Blvd. #311
Montrose, CA 91020

What We Do
We make great foods and treats, simply put! 
We have our facility in California as well as a network of trusted suppliers in New Zealand and throughout the USA. Our primary focus is on ingredient quality and price, a good food is only good to those that can afford it! We want as many pets as possible to not only enjoy what they eat but eat healthy! Being that quality meat and ingredients comes first that sometimes means color and texture will vary, this is not an indication of quality just an indication of naturally sourced ingredients, naturally raised. We are a family run business and are as concerned about your pets as we are ours, so we take quality control to heart and review every complaint or error as an opportunity to make ourselves even better!

Low Priced Quality?
How do we do it? Mainly by limited marketing, we rely on our loyal and satisfied customers to spread the word. Most Pet Food Brands have huge marketing budgets and ultimately you pay for that in higher prices! Additionally, most pet food companies are "investments" simply put they are in it to make a return and investors do not invest without expectations of getting a return. Of course, we want to make money, everyone does, but we do not have any growth or profit objectives to reach. We price our products at what we need to make ends meet and provide decent wages for our staff, consider this other brands you are paying for their marketing with Real Meat you are the one getting paid with lower prices!

You have our ear!
Almost every comment is reviewed by the owners, many are answered directly by the people at the top! In the old days you knew the owners of your favorite restaurant and your corner market. At Real Meat we are trying to bring that same old-style relationship to your pet foods and treats. We want to know who we deal with and think you should know as well! Drop us a line on chat and say hello!

Dogs dressed like chefs. The Man, The Meat, The Legend Our Story The cutting board seen throughout the site reads "The Man, The Meat The Legend" this was a gift from the staff to Glenn one year and is now used to display our products. The description fit! Glenn has been in the meat business since age 16 when he worked at a local butcher shop in Montrose California, which lead to other meat industry jobs, eventually he found his calling, providing heathy, tasty, natural dog and cat foods and treats to happy pets across the USA and around the world! It is our vision to not only provide great products at the best price but also to maintain that small business attitude no matter how big we get, every customer is the most important customer! Glenn still heads up production, R&D and other "executive" positions like packing orders and sweeping the floor! Often, he will answer emails and chats and always enjoys hearing from our customers! Dog and cat on laptop 100% Involved Owners Why We Are Unique! No one will ever care as much about a company and its products as an owner and when an owner cares that attitude is carried all the way through! We are involved in every aspect of the business, not in a micro-managing way but in a dedicated truly concerned about the products we make way. We are always working to improve what we do; we do not take the attitude that we are good enough rather how can we do it better! We never ask staff to do anything we do not do ourselves. That involved family atmosphere is the secret ingredient to our success, we have made it through some difficult times as a growing business, pouring all our money and energy into the business to keep it going and many years later we are an established brand in the pet industry that is trusted and relied upon by consumers and retailers to provide healthy quality foods at the best price! The Real Meat Company Logo gold stripe Our Brands The Original - Real Meat Real Meat, the brand that started it all! Our first brand Real Meat was created back in 2003 and has been a trusted brand in high end foods and treats ever since! The name says it all Real Meat, and lots of it! Boo Boo's Best Logo, Nature's best food for man's best friend. Our Brands Boo Boo's Best Boo Boo’s Best was started by Jocelyn Rosenthal to provide her dogs with high quality foods and treats, she created a range of SuperFood Nuggets that dogs and cats go crazy for! Jocelyn recently retired and we were honored to take over this brand and add it to our collection! Meat Basics Logo Similar but different! MeatBasiX MeatBasiX was created during the supply chain shortage out of a desire to make our products a little more “consistent”. When supplies got tight, and we had to use alternate vendors and blends of meats our product consistency was all over the place. Because our products are so high in meat content without fillers, preservatives or colorings the smallest change in raw materials has a huge impact on the final product! We used a slightly different recipe and equipment in an attempt to make the products look better. Well we accomplished that, however many pets rely on a food and making changes to that food is never easy as ultimately the changes are not good for everyone. We liked the end result, but the product was definitely different so instead of changing Real Meat or confusing Real Meat 1 and Real Meat 2 we decided to call this new line MeatBasiX. Dog holding plain white bag in mouth Our latest addition! Plain White Bag Plain White Bag, more of a concept than a brand really. The PWB line was created to test out new products and new ideas as well as a method to buy surplus inventory at a reduced price and sell it to the consumers at the best price we can! These items are non-refundable and do not earn points, we just sell them as low as we can. Items we think might make the cut and remain a permanent item we price out at what it would cost then discount it down to avoid sticker shock later. These items will come and go, and we cannot guarantee any will make it back, we suggest trying them out and if you like it come back and buy a few more. These are also great items if you want to send products to rescues or shelters where maybe the dogs are not as picky. Don't Forget Our Friends! Other Great Products! While other brands like SodaPup and CycleDog are not our brands, they are brands that we think our customers would appreciate. Dogs need more than just great food and treats! We plan to add more and more quality products to our website over the next year, keep coming back and join our mailing list to keep up to date on what is new! Shop Now