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Dog looking at teh website on big screen About Our Site What's so special about the new site you ask? Or maybe you didn't ask but you are here for the free gift! Read on to learn more about navigating our site and updates to discounts and more! Image of dog pointing to website showing left side filters Easier Sorting! Use Filters! With filtering you can sort by product type, brand, flavor and more! Easily narrow down the selection to find what you are looking for or clear all the filters and browse everything we have on the Shop All page! Click the Red X to clear filters and start over! And the search bar at the top of the page is always a good way to find what you want fast! Use Search & Filters to quicky find the item you need! Try Filters Now Mom dog with puppies Parent Item Selection Shop By Category In the main categories items are now organized in a parent child (or in this case mom and puppies) relationship. Simply put, the item Real Meat Dog & Cat Foods will offer the choice of size and flavor. The site has 4 main categories, Foods, Treats, Toppers, Toys & Accessories and when items have size and or flavor attributes the specific sizes and flavors will be options under the main SKU. And again, the search bar at the top of the page is always a good way to find what you want fast! Puppy and kitten looking at a present Your First Gift! 5% Coupon! Use code: NEWFIVE at checkout for a one-time savings off your entire order, this code will only work once for a limited time so use wisely! Read on to learn more about new discount structure, subscriptions and loyalty rewards! Limit 1 coupon per customer, limited time offer. Shop Now Dog and cat with calculator, cash and credit card Money In Your Pocket! More Savings! All logged in customers receive instant savings that will combine with the buy more and save, or now known as the "Mix & Match" discount. The more you buy the less it costs us to ship and we pass those savings along to you! In addition, all shoppers earn points which they can use towards future purchases Subscriptions are still available but do not earn points, shopping is the best way to save, see what is on special and what deals we are running. Sign Up Now Dog in hat with box dressed like delivery person Purchase In Store! Wholesale Discounts We are working with our retailers and distributors to reduce their costs and ultimately reduce our customers out of pocket costs, new volume discounts and loyalty rewards for our wholesalers ultimately gets passed along to the consumers, find a local retailer using our Store Fetcher. Wholesalers contact us to learn more about ways to save! Shop Local Puppies in a box Still Available Subscriptions Subscriptions while still available are not the best way to save. We want to encourage customers to shop and look for deals, new items, Mix & Match Savings and our new hidden treasures discounts we will be offering. For many they use subscriptions as a way to save money and for some getting the timing exactly right is difficult and they stuck with too much or too little. We still offer subscriptions with a moderate discount however not all items are available in subscriptions. To find available items use the "Subscription" filter in any category! Also note subscriptions do not earn loyalty rewards. Subscriptions Dog in shopping cart I wish, I wish.... Save For Later/ Wish List We now have "Save For later" also known as "Wish List" add your favorite items to your list and easily order them later. See something you might want to buy in the future and do not want to forget about it, add that too! Favorites can also be shared, send a list to a friend as a recommendation for them. Or make a list for Santa Claus of items you would like to receive and send it to him! Rescues can also make a list of items for their benefactors. When you make your list "Public" it will provide a link for you to share. By default lists are private, to change when looking at your list under the title "Favorites" you will see the "Edit" button, once in edit mode you can name your list and make public or keep it priveate, your choice! Dog at dinner table with empty plate waiting Wait, Wait, Wait... Waitlist Now available, Waitlist! When an item is out of stock you can be added to the waitlist to get notified as soon as it is available! Often, we are making, about to make or even made out of stock products, but the inventory has not been updated. Get on the waitlist to get notified when it's ready to ship! Shop Now Puppy and kitten looking at a present As promised another gift! $10 Coupon! ($100 or more) Thank you for reading all about our new site and its features! As a reward use this coupon code on your next order of $100 or more. Use coupon code 10NEXT (all caps) at checkout. Limited time offer, one coupon per customer. Shop Now Image of digital gift certificate (image is not a valid gift certificate) Send the gift of Real Meat! Gift Certificates! Gift certificates are now available for use at www.realmeatpet.com. Send to a family and friends or use to make a donation to a rescue or charity organization. Gift Certificates