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Boo Boo's Best Treats for Your Best Friends!

Do you know what's in your dogs' treats? Many dogs have developed allergies and food sensitivities to more commonly-used proteins as well as some grains, so our treats focus on both exotic and lesser-used proteins for treats that will help keep your dogs happy and healthy!

Made with high quality, whole proteins and superfoods, our treats are made from wholesome, all-natural ingredients that are as beneficial as they are delicious!

Boo Boo's Best

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Our Story

From Dog Mom to Dog-Treat Connoisseur

Hi, I’m Jocelyn! I never expected to start a dog treat company. I was going along living my life until one day everything changed. That was the day my husband and I adopted Boo Boo.

So many dogs today suffer from obesity, allergies, digestive issues and other health problems, and just like with people, the foods we eat have a direct impact on the way we feel, and how healthy we are.

After my experience with our pup, I felt compelled to create what I wished existed when I was dealing with a dog with special dietary requirements. The rest is history.

SuperFoods … Not Just For Humans!

You eat superfoods for all the wonderful nutrition and healthy goodness they provide, but did you know your best friend can benefit from superfoods too?

Our newest treats combine delicious meats or seafood with wholesome superfood ingredients your dog won’t be able to resist!

Many less-expensive treats use meat and fish meals, meat by-products, sugar, salt, propylene glycol (ingredient in newer automotive antifreezes), BHA (chemical preservative and ingredient deemed in CA as a chemical known to cause cancer), artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Well not Boo Boo's Best!

Exotic Proteins: High-Value Treats for Sensitive Tummies

So many of our pets these days are dealing with allergies, sensitivities and digestive issues.

We know how upsetting that can be for you pet parents, trying to find something your dog loves that won’t upset her tummy.

Exotic proteins like alligator, rabbit, goat, kangaroo and wild boar are less likely to trigger allergies and digestive issues than more traditional proteins.

We use only whole meats and fish, coconut, fruits, vegetables and spices. No artificial ingredients at all, and they're made in the USAP. Plus, we believe in sourcing responsibly, with humanely-raised antibiotic-free or wild meats, and wild-caught fish. And our coconut flour is organic, fair-trade and non-GMO.

Get An Omega 3 Booster!

Want a treat that does more than just taste delicious?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids have anti-inflammatory properties that may benefit heart, immune system, joint, skin, coat and nail health. Wild-caught fish are wonderful sources of protein, anti-inflammatory Omega-3 Fatty Acids, calcium, Vitamin B-12, phosphorus, selenium, and Vitamin D which help support joint, heart, skin, coat, and immune system health.

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